Dance Classes

Private and Group Instructions and Practice Lessons

The unique Fred Astaire teaching method includes regularly scheduled private instructions as well as group lessons and practice sessions. 

PRIVATE instruction with one or more key teachers provides each student with the specialized and personalized attention necessary to look and feel well while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner.

GROUP lessons are also a necessary part of private instruction because this is where a lot of patterns, technique and style are learned. Equally important, group lessons provide every student with the opportunity to meet other students with similar dancing goals.

The PRACTICE lessons complete the lesson information taught in our private and group lessons. Learning is one thing, but making the material work in a live setting while dancing with different people is quite another. This is what our practice lessons do. Teachers can then tailor their private lessons based on how they see their students progressing.


Parties and Studio Activities

Fred Astaire Dance Studio is always bustling with events and activities.

GUEST PARTIES are routinely held at our studios where students can invite their friends and co-workers, who can then see for themselves how much the students enjoy dancing, and how well they are doing with their lessons.

COMPETITIONS are a regular part of the vast majority of Fred Astaire Dance Studios' yearly calendars. At National or Regional Competitions, students meet, mingle and compete with other student dancers in order to take home a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Participating in the competitions gives every student - and student/teacher dance team - the opportunity to progress more rapidly in their dance endeavors.

SHOWCASES are designed for students to learn exhibition style of dance. Special choreography is incorporated into solo or group routines to suit each student's ability and interest. Participating in a showcase is something our students remember for years to come.